Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement division of the department is responsible for interpretation and enforcement of various city ordinances adopted by City Council governing nuisances, health and safety issues and use of property within the community. Codes are established in an effort to create a pleasing environment in which we can live and work and to protect property investments. Such regulations obligate us to consider our neighbor’s health, safety and welfare as well as our own.

Most common ordinances referenced:

  • Weeds and Grass – Ordinance 405
  • Noise Nuisance – Ordinance 312
  • Overnight Parking – Ordinance 198
  • Junk Vehicles – Ordinance 375
  • Accumulation of Rubbish/Brush - Ordinance 405
  • Litter - Ordinance 103
  • Garbage/Trash Collection - Ordinance 525
  • Parking within Front Yard Setback – Ordinance 510
  • Animal Control – Ordinance 585
  • Trees/Bushes, Overhanging/Protrusion – Ordinance 324
  • Structures within City Right-of-Way – Ordinance 118
  • Garage Sale Signs – Ordinance 352
  • Stagnant Water – Ordinance 155
  • Home Occupations – Ordinance 581
  • Property Maintenance Code – Ordinance 370
  • Storage Sheds – Ordinance 581
  • Landscape Watering – Ordinance 406
  • Visibility Triangle – Ordinance 559
  • Utility Easement, Maintenance – Ordinance 118
  • Motor Carriers, Parking – Ordinance 300
  • Soliciting – Ordinance 111-G-2007
  • Subdivision Development - Ordinance 559
  • Zoning - Ordinance 581
You may access a list of various codes and ordinances adopted by the City published on MuniCode.

If you have inquiries as to what other types of ordinances are regulated by the City, please contact the Development Services Department at (210) 659-0333. If you wish to report a nuisance or concern, please use our FixIt Form or contact the Department.

A code enforcement officer will visit the site and determine whether a violation exists or not and will notify the responsible party as necessary. Failure on the part of the responsible party to comply with city ordinance may result in the issuance of a citation to appear in Municipal Court punishable by applicable fines.

You may also request a copy of any ordinance adopted by the City under the Open Records Act by completing an Open Records Request. Please submit your written request to the Development Services Department at City Hall for processing.