Flashlight Night


6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Friday, February 9

Open to the Public - Free Admission

Please check-in before 8:00 PM to ensure your group has enough time to finish the route. 

Bring your family and flashlights to enjoy a walk around the Olympia Hills Golf course. 

Need an extra challenge or something for the kids to do while walking, participate in the Scavenger Hunt! We have hid some crazy items along the path. Get the list at the check-in table.

The Clubhouse will be open for access to restrooms and to purchase snacks and beverages. 

Hole 12


  • If I don't have a flashlight, will I be able to see? There are no lights on the course. Be safe and bring a flashlight or make sure your phone is charged. No one will be permitted to begin without presenting a flashlight in your group.
  • Can I bring my pet? Yes, pets are allowed but you will need to bring poop bags. No one will be permitted on the course with a pet without bags.
  • Can we ride bikes? Unfortunately, we can not permit bikes, scooters, hoverboards, etc. The course has various inclines that could be dangerous if going too fast and turns may not be visible in the dark. Walking is safest for everyone.
  • How hard is it to walk the course? Everyone's physical abilities are different. The walking path is completely paved but features several hills and inclines. Walkers are able to cut their walk short with the 1/2mi route if it is too challenging. Others can choose to continue and complete the mile course.
  • Are there restrooms on the walk? The only restrooms available are located at the clubhouse. Make sure you visit them before heading out on the course.  Update: there will be a restroom available on the route for the Feb. 9 Flashlight night.
  • Can I take a stroller or wagon? Yes, just keep in mind that you will be walking up and down hills.
  • Do I need a ticket or have to register to attend? Nope. This is an open event. Just show up and check-in at the table located at the beginning of the route.
  • Do I have to be there are 6:30 PM to participate? No. We will open the route to walkers at 6:30 PM but you have until 8:00 PM to arrive and begin your walk. This helps keep families spread out along the course and safely distant. Walkers will not be allowed to begin after 8:00 PM.

For any specific questions, please email events@uctx.gov or call the Community Relations office 210-619-0721.