Criminal Investigations

The Criminal Investigations Division completes all follow-up investigations of cases initiated and generated by the Patrol Division. Detectives provide investigative assistance to the uniform officers on a twenty-four hour basis by having a Detective equipped and capable of an immediate on-scene response if requested.

This Division is currently comprised of a Detective Lieutenant, a Detective Sergeant, and a Detective. The Lieutenant is responsible for the review of all incoming cases, decisions on follow-up investigations, as well as case assignments for the three detectives.

Detectives are trained in a variety of areas and are capable of conducting investigations that encompass a wide array of criminal activity. After a thorough investigation and casework, Detectives are responsible for bringing closure to all open cases and handling any necessary trial preparation.

Additionally, Detectives are responsible for processing and maintaining all evidence that is recovered from a crime scene or criminal investigation. Detectives have the responsibility of evidence storage, maintaining the "chain of custody", and finally the presentation of the evidence in court. The Criminal Investigations Division is a proactive element of the Police Department by meeting routinely to discuss current trends and pending cases. Crime trends are analyzed to detect similar methods of operation and establish predictions on where and when similar crimes may occur. Detectives interact with other local law enforcement agencies to discuss on-going crime and develop creative avenues to resolve reoccurring problems.