Residential Recycling Collection

Universal City recycling is collected once a week. 

Click the link below to find your collection day and cart location. 

Recycling overview
waste management

If you have any questions regarding trash, recycling, or brush collection, please contact Waste Management.

Phone: 800-800-5804

Mon-Fri 8am-5pm



Please review the guidelines below for recycling cart collection.

• Recycle carts must be at the street no later than 7:00 AM on the scheduled collection day.

• The cart with the yellow lid is for recycling. All recyclables must be loose in the cart.

• Do not overfill the carts. Lids must close securely.

• Once on the street, the handle on the cart must face your residence, and the lid should open towards the street.

• The cart(s) must be placed at least 4 feet (4’) away obstacles such as utility poles, mailboxes, trees, fire hydrants, and parked cars. Your service may be affected if a parked car is blocking the path to the cart(s).

• If you have both recycling and trash service pick up on the same day, please place both carts at your curb leaving at least 4 feet (4’) of space between carts.

WM RECYCLING 101: Find out what can be recycled.
Recycling overview