Economics Development Corporation Board

The Universal City Industrial Development Corporation (UCIDC) is a economic development corporation specifically governed by the Texas Development Corporation Act of 1979. The purpose of the UCIDC is to promote, assist, and enhance economic development in the City of Universal City. These purposes are fulfilled through a variety of projects and program such as the Pat Booker Road Enhancement Program, the Northlake Business Park, storefront improvement projects, utility projects, and other projects and programs that effect business development and expansion.

The business and affairs of the UCIDC and all corporate powers are exercised by or under authority of the Board of Directors. All Directors must be residents of the City of Universal City. The Board of Directors is appointed by Mayor and City Council of the City of Universal City. The City Council considers an individual’s experience, accomplishments, and educational background in appointing members to the Board to ensure that the interests and concerns of all segments of the community are considered. The City Manager of Universal City is a non-voting ex-officio of the Board of Directors, and attends all meetings of the Board to provide assistance and support to the Board as needed.

The Board of Directors of the UCIDC develop the overall economic development plan for the City which includes an annual budget and intermittent and/or short term goals that the Board deems necessary to accomplish compliance with its overall economic development plan. Such plans must be approved by the City Council of the City of Universal City before being adopted.

The UCIDC Board of Director meetings are held the second Thursday of each month at 5:00 p.m. at City Hall. Click here to review current UCEDC agenda and previous meeting minutes.