Temporary Outdoor Dining

The City of Universal City recognizes the importance of outdoor dining for the prosperity and vitality of its commercial districts, particularly during this time of pandemic restrictions caused by public safety concerns relating to Covid-19. The purpose of the City’s Temporary Outdoor Dining Policy is to allow for and to support this desirable activity while considering State or County Executive Orders or any local Public Health Agency Orders that impose occupancy limits and specific physical distancing requirements on restaurants. The intent of this program is to provide some measure of relief to restaurants by allowing additional occupancy and seating that allows for physical distancing and the safety of their patrons.

A no-cost permit is required to allow for the setup of a Temporary Outdoor Dining Area. Temporary Outdoor Dining Areas established under this permit are considered temporary and shall not constitute an approval of permanent outdoor dining. Temporary Outdoor Dining Areas approved under this permit must be removed within 30 days of any Executive Order providing for 100 percent indoor occupancy or afterwards, when the City
determines that such temporary permits are no longer valid. 

Temporary Outdoor Dining Policy
Temporary Outdoor Dining Application
Temporary Outdoor Dining FAQ