Apply for a library card

The Universal City Public Library will provide without charge to all Texas residents a library card.  Residents are defined as those persons currently residing within the state of Texas. Library cards provide borrowing privileges to the physical and digital collections, online resources, and public access computers. 

 Card applicants ages 18 and older must be present in person and provide photo identification with a current residential address and proof of residency. Accepted forms of photo identification preferred are a valid Texas driver’s license, temporary Texas driver’s license, Texas learners permit, Texas Department of Public Safety ID, Military ID, or a U.S. passport. All forms of identification must be current and non-expired. Acceptable forms of proof of residency include personal checks, voter registration, housing or leasing agreements, insurance cards, property tax statements, or a utility bill with a current date not more than two (2) months old. Post Office Box number, or hotel or motel addresses, will not be accepted as proof of residence. 

 Card applicants under the age of 18 must have a parent, relative, or legal guardian present to co-sign as the responsible party on the application. Card applicants under the age of 18 must also be able to print or sign their name on their card. The co-signing parent, relative, or legal guardian must provide valid photo identification and proof of residency. Parents, relatives, or legal guardians are not required to have a library card for the applicant under the age of 18 to be issued a card. 

 Non-residents can apply for a library card for an annual fee as provided in Ordinance 361-Fee Schedule, as amended. All identification requirements listed above must be met. 

 Library cards expire 1 year (12 months) from the date of issue so that the library may update patron information upon renewal. Photo identification and proof of residence must be presented at the time of renewal. 

 If your library card is lost or stolen, notify the library as soon as possible. Once notified, library staff will block the card so that it can no longer be used. Patrons remain responsible for all use made of the lost or stolen card prior to notifying the library. Ordinance 361-Fee Schedule, as amended, includes a nominal replacement fee for lost or stolen cards.