Deferred Disposition

Universal City Municipal Court offers deferred disposition, commonly called probation. You may come in any time before your court date during court business hours to make an application for deferred disposition. You may print the application form and mail in your request with payment (money order or cashiers check only.) To obtain the bond amount you will need to call the court at (210) 659-0333 ext. 715, 716 or 717. The application for deferred disposition will be held pending the judge’s approval. The bond payment and the application for deferred disposition must be received by your court date or it will not be granted. You cannot sign up for Deferred Disposition online.

Terms of Deferment

The defer period may be a range of 30-180 days. You will need to post a cash bond as a condition of deferred disposition.To request defer for non-traffic offenses, speeding 25 miles or more over the limit, and passing a stopped school bus, a court appearance is required before the judge.   
Defer is prohibited if the violation occurred in a construction zone with workers present.
Those holding a commercial drivers license are not eligible for deferred disposition under state law, regardless of whether you were driving a personal or commercial vehicle. 

Per state law, defendants under 25 years of age must also take a defensive driving course as a requirement of deferred disposition and provide proof of completion by the end of the deferral period.
At the end of the probationary period the case will be dismissed if no further violations have occurred.
Please call the court for further information if needed.