Draining Swimming Pools

In Universal City we have a few requirements about draining swimming pools. The fact that swimming pool water is strongly chlorinated makes it a regulated discharge when drained. EPA and TCEQ regulations require that swimming pool water be dechlorinated prior to draining. The home owner can obtain tablets to dechlorinate the water from swimming pool supply stores. If the water already contains little or no chlorine then water may be drained from the pool. In all cases the following limitations apply:
Swimming Pool
1. Every attempt must be made by the home-owner to use the water to irrigate the lawn or the landscaping of the property involved.

2. Draining the pool must not create a hazard, nuisance, or unsanitary condition.

3. Every attempt must be made by the property owner to keep the drained water on the property in question.

4. In no case shall the water from the pool drain onto an adjacent property without that property owner's consent.

5. Excess dechlorinated water running off from irrigation may be allowed to drain to the streets to be carried away by the storm sewer system.

6. Please notify the city when you drain your pool. Call us at 210-659-0333 ext. 725 or ext. 723 or send an e-mail.