Fire Prevention Education

Fire Prevention is Our Goal

The Universal City Fire Department strives to prevent all types of fires from occurring within our city. Our goal is simply to have NO fires in our city. In order to accomplish our goal we provide Fire Prevention and Education throughout the year. Each year during the month of October we have an Open House event at the station and also provide demonstrations to all the local elementary schools, many of the churches, and most of the day care facilities within our city.  We also provide fire safety lectures for local Boy and Girl Scout Troops. All education and demonstrations are adjusted according to the age and size of the group. We welcome those who wish to come by and tour our station to schedule a date and time. 

Smoke Detector Program  Is a Home Fire Safety Check and Smoke Detector inspection program available to our residents.



If you would like to schedule a fire prevention demonstration, lecture or tour please call the Fire Department Admin office at  210-659-0333 Ext. 785

2023 Fire Prevention
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Teach your children survival skills

Common childhood experiences display fire with celebration and fun - as on a birthday cake topped with glowing candles that are blown out easily or beautiful a firework show.  Many young children become naturally curious about fire and are not able to understand fire danger, we must teach children that fire is dangerous!

Whether it be at a relative's, a friend's, or some other situation, it is important that children know the steps needed to survive a fire no matter what their surroundings are. Click the link to an educational link to help your children learn important safety skills. Sparky School House