Electricians/Solar Electricians

  • Contractor registration is required for all electrician contractors but an annual registration fee will not be assessed.
  • A driver's license copy is required.
  • A Texas State License (non-TCEQ) copy is required. 
  • A bond or Certificate of Insurance is required with Universal City named as the Certificate Holder. 
  • A Subcontractor Verification Letter is required for any electric contractor that is going to be listed as a subcontractor for a General Contractor or a Home Improvement Contractor for any project in the City of Universal City.
  • The 2020 NEC became effective September 1, 2020.
  • Registration fees for electricians will not be charged but electricians are still required to register with Universal City.
Solar Electricians
  • Be sure your submittal includes the the CPS Energy approval stamp before submitting the project to the City.
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