Pet Licensing, Microchip & Fees

City pet licenses are required for residents of Universal City for all dogs and cats 4 months of age and older who reside within our city limits. Please register your pet with the City in which you reside. The pet license will expire on the same date as the animals rabies vaccination certificate.

Texas State Law requires all dogs and cats to have current rabies vaccinations. Animal Control enforces this law by requiring all resident pet owners to show proof of their animals current rabies vaccination certificate when purchasing a City pet license.

Where do I purchase a City pet license?

City pet licenses can be purchased at the Animal Care & Control facility located at 134 Athenian Dr. For your convenience, you may purchase your pets City license by mail (see below).

Keep Your Pets Record Current

In order to keep our pet database current, please notify our office to update your phone number or address. If you move outside our city limits, please notify us so we can inactivate your pets record so that you will not receive renewal notices from us in the future. If your pet has a microchip, it is very important to notify the microchip company of your new contact information.

Lost, Stolen, Given Away, or Deceased Pets

If your pet becomes lost, stolen, given away, or is deceased, please notify our office. We will update the pet record immediately.

Pet License Renewal Notices

Renewal notices will be mailed to residents when their pet's license is due to expire. You must show your pets current rabies certificate in order to renew your pet's City license. Owners of pets who do not respond to the renewal notices may be issued a citation.

License Your Pet

To purchase your pets license by mail, please download and complete the City pet license form, attach a copy of your pets current rabies vaccination. The certificate will need to show the date of the rabies vaccination. In order to receive a tri-annual license, the rabies vaccination certificate must indicate the animal received a tri-annual rabies vaccine. We only process pet licenses for residents who live in the City of Universal City.  Please register your pet with the city in which you reside.

The information can be brought into our facility, or mailed along with the appropriate fee. You will receive a City license tag and receipt for your pet by mail. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Mailing Address:
Animal Care & Control
2150 Universal City Blvd.
Universal City, Texas 78148
Physical Address:
Animal Care & Control
134 Athenian Dr.
Universal City, Texas 78148

City Pet License Fees

Spayed/Neutered Pets Unaltered Pets
$5.00 - 1 year $8.00 - 1 year
$15.00 - 3 year $24.00 - 3 year
*Tri-annual pet license requires a tri-annual rabies vaccination.


Microchip Your Pet

Pet owners who want a permanent form of identification for their pet(s) may choose to have their pet microchipped. This is a low cost service provided by Animal Care & Control.  You must bring your pet's current rabies vaccination certificate with you in order to have your pet microchipped.
Microchip Fee - $10.00 (includes microchip registration)
Microchipping - Call to schedule an appointment for your pet.

Impound and Quarantine Fees

Owners reclaiming an impounded animal shall be liable for any impound and boarding fees. These fees must be paid before the animal will be released.
Impound - 1st Time $30.00
Impound - 2nd Time $50.00
Impound - 3rd Time $70.00
Boarding Fee (per day) $14.00

If the animal is in quarantine because it bit a person or another animal, the impound and boarding fees are as follows:
Quarantine Fee (altered animal) $50.00
Quarantine Fee (unaltered animal) $60.00
Boarding Fee (per day) $14.00