Streets, Alleys and Right-of-Ways

asphalt workThe General Services Division is responsible for the maintenance of all city right-of-ways, streets, alleys and public drainage easements.

If you have a concern or question please feel free to use our Citizen Request Form.

Maintenance includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Pothole Patching
  • Crack Sealing
  • Minor Pavement Failure Repairs
  • Sidewalk & Driveway Reconstruction Due to Utility Repairs
  • Curb Replacement
  • Roadway Reconstruction
  • 24-Hour Emergency Traffic Management Service
  • Flood and Storm Response
  • Application of Roadway Traffic Control Devices (street striping, stop bars, turn arrows, crosswalks, etc.)
  • Repairing Wheel Ruts and Minor Drainage Corrections in Alleys
  • Trash Cleanup Along Right-of-Ways
  • Mowing and Trimming of Right-of-Ways

Alley maintenance (grading) is performed by Public Works, however mowing of grass and maintenance of tree height is the responsibility of the property owner.

Sign and Signal Maintenance

All traffic signals along Pat Booker Road, FM 78 and along Loop 1604 are maintained by the Texas Department of Transportation. If you have any concerns or questions regarding signals at these locations please call (210) 633-1402.

The upkeep of all signage, signals and school zone flashers along city-maintained right-of-ways, are the responsibility of the Public Works Department. The Public Works Department of Universal City is only responsible for the three traffic signals along Kitty Hawk Road. These signals are located at Kitty Hawk Road and Old Cimarron Trail, Kitty Hawk Road and Universal City Boulevard as well as the entrance to the HEB shopping center at 910 Kitty Hawk Road.

Report Sign Damage or Traffic Signal Malfunction

Yield sign

If you spot a sign that has been damaged or removed, or see that the school zone flashers are not functioning properly or traffic signals on Kitty Hawk Road are malfunctioning, you can report by doing the following;

Call, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. - (210) 658-5364 or use the Citizen Request Form, after normal working hours and holidays (210) 658-5353.

Brush Chipping

The City of Universal City offers to its residents a pay as you go brush chipping service. The brush chipping service is for citizens who do their own trimming on their property; any work done by a contractor will not be accepted.
In order to get scheduled for pick-up citizens must fill out a Brush Chipping Authorization Form this can be downloaded or picked up at the Public Works Service Center located at 265 Kitty Hawk Road. The cost is $30.00 for each half-hour with a maximum of one hour of service. The chipping crew goes out each Friday, weather permitting.


  • Pick-up is in front of properties at the curbside.
  • Limb must have a diameter no greater than 8 inches.
  • Lumber is not accepted.
  • Large trunk pieces are not accepted, unless the customer cuts the trunk into smaller pieces.

Street Lights


If you have a street light in your neighborhood that is broken or not functioning properly, you can report it to City Public Service (CPS) by clicking here.

This site has numerous options for customers which include a customer service page where a service request may be entered to report street light outages or street light malfunctions. You can also call City Public Service (210) 353-4357.

Residents living east of Cibolo Creek who are Guadalupe Valley Electric Cooperative (GVEC) customers can call (210) 658-7033 to report street light or electric outages.